I am a multidisciplinary artist and educator born in Naples (Italy) in 1983 and based in South London, also known as Ma Shakti.

My interest for art started as a child, and at the age of thirteen I learned to paint from my uncle, Giuseppe Ramires, a surrealist painter who had a strong influence on me as a young artist. Between 1996 -2009 I mainly produced paintings using oil on canvas inspired by Surrealism and Expressionism.

Beside art, another source of endless fascination for me was the power of language and how the mind uses words to shape the reality around us.

I pursued this interest in academic context and chose to study Modern Languages, Literature and Philosophy at university. I developed a special interest for the German language and I completed my studies with a thesis in German Philosophy about freedom, and precisely about the tension between individuality and totality- themes that still feed into my creative practice today.

Three months after graduation, in 2008, I moved to the UK.

Relocating to London marked the beginning of a long period of transformation that reached its climax in 2011 with a six-months solo journey through India. There, I undertook an extended period of rigorous yoga training in the Himalayas and I started to study eastern philosophy. I then travelled around the country volunteering as Art Therapist for vulnerable communities.

I went back to India many times over the following years, and during one of those visits I met international painter and sadhvi Druvinka Puri, who became a dear friend and mentor.

After that first trip to India however, my outlook on life had changed significantly and my art work accordingly. I had developed photographic skills and discovered a new visual language inspired by the complexity of the country.
My colour palette turned bright and vibrant, and my painterly interest gradually started to shift away from the elements of dream and subconscious which had characterised my earlier work, and more and more towards spiritualism and abstraction.

The connection between consciousness, art and nature became a new theme, and the paintings created ‘after India’ gently invite the viewer to walk with me across the ethereal bridge between outer and inner realm, individual and universal consciousness, the visible and the invisible.