I am an Italian artist and educator based in London. 

In my work, I explore the therapeutic potential of art-making as a path to healing and connecting with the natural world. I am interested in texture and colour as expressive devices that allow me to translate raw emotional material and spiritual experiences into abstraction, using a language that focuses on the ‘feeling’ and transcends any recognisable narrative.

The sacredness and cyclicity of Nature is a strong thematic thread in my work. My interest in philosophy, spiritual ecology, herbalism, ritual and esotericism informs the concepts and materials I choose to work with. Often foraged medicinal herbs, essential oils, resins and natural materials are incorporated as a symbolic and energetic reference to the process of creation.

Painting is for me a therapeutic process. Every time I stand ready before a blank canvas, I feel equally powerful and vulnerable. Vulnerability is a productive state and each painting is an ordinary act of courage. When I start working on a new piece, I never know where the journey will take me and how long it will last. With each layer of paint on the canvas, a deeper layer of inner self becomes available in a process that often takes me to places I did not intend to visit. This can be a very challenging process to stay with but the result is a sense of greater awareness and transformation.